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Home Wall Partitions Cleanroom Wall Partitions Cleanroom Wall Partitions With the industry's largest selection of cleanroom wall systems, PortaFab can satisfy the requirements for any application with a cost effective solution.

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Modular cleanroom walls are used in modular cleanrooms to provide hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing facilities a sterile environment that is flexible and affordable. These wall systems are easier to install with less mess than conventionally built walls while providing comparable performance.

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Wall Partitions. Our wall partitions provide a flexible solution to separating plant space, providing environmental control, or to create designate work areas within a manufacturing facility. Learn more.

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Plascore cleanroom wall systems modular design gives you greater return on your investment by reducing onsite construction cost and installation time. Unlike traditional stick-built approaches, the Plascore cleanroom wall system arrives at the job site cut to height with all the components clean, packaged, and ready for fast installation.

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Modular Cleanrooms & Cleanroom Partitioning Systems. National's modular cleanrooms and controlled environments are ideal for ISO classes 5-9 or 209e classes 100-100,000 and higher. Plus our clean room walls are economical and modifiable for future changes or expansion.

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