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Referencing simple overlapping siding on rural barns, drawer facade subtly angles out. Drawer pulls smooth on metal ball-bearing glides, sans hardware. Finished back means nightstand can float midroom on recessed plinth. Learn about MASHstudios on our blog. shake nightstand is a CB2 exclusive. -Designed by MASHstudios -Engineered and poplar wood -White lacquer inside and out; hi-gloss exterior

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Aiming low is good, since its recoil is vertical, and it will work its way up to a headshot. The M14 is hard to use because of the recoil, which is in between too much for an Assault Rifle and low for a Sniper Rifle. That plus its power makes it a good gun to give an ACOG and snipe with. It works well in the shotgun style, where you use Steady Aim and shoot from the hip. You can do this well

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With the Warmonger perk, all custom weapon types become available to you without the schematics. How lazy can you be? You BUY a lot of these This is a useless perk, trying to get you to play the game less. Fight it. The custom weapons aren't anything special, so the schematics for them are even less special. But to further dissaude anybody from picking this perk, I will include all the

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Just as the name suggests, our Shiplap Panel Bed is inspired by the rustic wooden boards used as exterior siding on barns and old American residences. Our slat bed features generously proportioned slats that have a traditional channel shape carved into them for added interest. Both beds can be paired with storage footboards, and truly complete the combination of timeless design and function

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Raccoons make several types of noises, including a purr, a chittering sound, and various growls, snarls, and snorts." I recently watched a pair of them crawl under a neighbor's storage shed

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Either way, Lee gets patched up and goes to nap in the barn with Clem. The next morning, one can meet the "other displaced family" -- Kenny, Katjaa and Kenny Jr. Duck -- after a wake-up call. To continue one must speak to all NPCs around the place. Shawn and Duck will be in the backyard; Kenny's near the gate; the girls are by the front stoop. Note that Kenny Sr. is a mainstay character in

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We tour the house, the barn and the grounds. The wrap party begins and the contractors and subs get a big thank you for a huge job well done. The wrap party begins and the contractors and subs get

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The Fringe Cove Docks' middle barn has a master lock, the key to which is in a loot steamer inside. Use the below-pier route to enter through its caved-in floor. Note that a leveled mirelurk often a mirelurk king at high levels will suddenly spawn around here, in addition to the other 'lurks normally found. If Far Harbor is destroyed, its name will change to "Far Harbor Ruins," a fog

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It's the large Red Barn with a LAMBDA symbol painted on the docks. Unfortunately, Station 12 has been hit by a mortar round and the inhabitants changed to Zombies. You can grieve later. Kill now. Make your way to the top of the Barn, watch for headcrabs. All the way to the top, mind you. There will be a barrel jamming a Gear that will lower a large crate of supplies down to your boat. Go ahead

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It's not difficult to find a place inside vinyl siding to hide a key. You can attach a piece of hook and loop fastener to the key and attach another piece inside the lip of the Get the Deal: Seaspray Matelasse 72" X 72" Shower Curtain