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Prefab Iron Fence Panels / Metal Fence Spikes / Security Gate Palisade Fence DD-palisade fencing is suitable for use in commercial and industry sites where a high level of security is required. It can also be used along railways, motorways, public utility sites, reservoirs, research laboratories and schools.

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Security Fencing Tops and Deterrents: Anti climb spikes, cost effective barrier for fences, walls, roofs and fencing gates; Fencing Panels: Welded mesh, chain link fence, expanded steel fence, steel palisade, razor mesh and more.

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Fence spikes are a type of anti-climb security spike and whilst the name fence spike indicates that they are designed to be mounted on a fence typically along the top edge , they can often also be found fixed along the top of walls or fixed to building fascias.

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Wall spikes are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall are a simple yet effective method of enhancing the security of an existing wall or security fence. The wall spikes are easy to install and come in a variety of coatings or finishes.

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A row of spikes is preferably installed along the upper rail of the fence, threatening injury to anyone attempting to scale the fence even after covering a coil of razor wire or the like atop the fence. The security spike is formed of sheet metal bent to form a triangular cross section for rigidity and strength.

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Security spikes for walls and fences or anti climb or for perimeter security supplied in different kinds of material, which can easy to install with low cost. Metal Anti Climb Fence Security Spikes used on top of the fence or wall for garden, private properties.

MAXguard 46 in. Steel Fence and Wall Spike Strips 6-Pack

MAXguard fence spikes and wall spike strips use blunt tip metal spikes to stop climbing, discourage prowlers, intruders and nuisance animals, increasing the security of your yard or property Kit contains six 46 in. 116.84 cm or 23 ft. 7.01 m total, rigid PVC strips with a single row of 1-1/2 in. 3.9 cm high, rust-resistant, blunt tip

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Berming Security Fencing Co. is a leading Chinese factory exporting quality-focused security fences and accessories for world customers. Major Mesh Fencing Fabrics or panels for security fences: Chain link, welded mesh, 358 mesh, woven wire mesh, expanded metal and more.

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Walls, Buildings, Metal Gates and Fences. Our metal anti-climb spikes are typically used as wall spikes, being fitted along the tops of walls or to building fascias, however they are also often bolted to or welded along the top of metal gates or fences. Commercial and Institutional Property Security

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Fixed Security Spikes for walls, roofs and fencing PRODUCT OVERVIEW Description The robust spikes can be easily fitted to walls roofs or fencing. The Fixed Spike comes in 1.5 metre lengths and 110mm high. The Fixed Spike is extremely aggressive to prevent people getting over it to gain illegal access or to steal lead.

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Package of Wall Spikes: 10 units per carton. Application of Wall Spikes: it is widely used in the garden, factory etc security fence protection to play a protective role or is fixed on the wall,fencing,gates building or metal guardrails. Wall Spikes are widely used as fence wall spikes, welcome contact us when you need it

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Maintenance free metal fence spikes can be easily installed onto the top of most fences and walls made of brick, block, stone, iron, chain-link, welded mesh. The combination will create an effective anti-climbing obstacle barrier for trespassers and unwanted intruders.

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Security Fence Spikes : Security fence spikes are specifically designed for use on wire fencing and gates or in and around the perimeter to increase levels of security against intrusion, damage, acts of vandalism or terrorism.